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pleaseeeee iii love thiss its like a way of having wally back! thank you a lot but pleaseee continue the comiics!! what if young justice is never back agaiin! for one second, while i read your comic, i thought that wally wasnt gone and i see what i woulfd like to see in the series. please continueee ii will love you forever
can you do one with Roy and Jade.....I'm still at a loss on how they got married...actually, I'm wondering who proposed to who O.o it's your guess xD
XLR8OR1344 Mar 21, 2013  Student General Artist
sorry about the overload of faves...
spoilers page ;)
you know what you put in job done real happened
plus i love your comic, are you still making them
Not right now, but when there will be new Young Justice episodes... maybe!
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